Relaxing Family Jigsaw Puzzle

Do you need time out to relax?
Spend time with the family and have fun.
Come join the tribe at Treehovenland. 

Candy For Bears Logo

Four Seasons

What's your favourite time of year?
Join the bears in their seasonal activities.

Easy use

This app is so simple to use that a small child may enjoy playing.
Select a puzzle and you're ready to play.

Five Levels of Difficulty

Up to 100 pieces.
Rotation on or off.

Download on Apple App Store
Download on Apple App Store

Other Features

- 24 Exclusive Treehovenland beautiful high-definition puzzles
- Exclusive Treehovenland music track
- Automatically save in-progress puzzles to finish later​
- Adjust settings via the menu screen.
- Reset your puzzle
- Puzzles for the whole family and for every skill level

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Treehovenland is an educational range of products by BNotro.