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Behind the scenes:
getting an app developed

"BNotro has helped immensely with the development and maintenance of my application" – Blake Kearney

Hi there. My name's Blake Kearney. I'm a professional musician, educator and the inventor of the Clear Pitch system.

Clear Pitch helps you train your mind to recognise musical notes according to their pitch or to develop absolute pitch, also known as perfect pitch.

Previously it was believed that perfect pitch could not be learnt, but there is now fairly compelling evidence that it can be learnt by adults to some degree and probably by children to a higher degree if they have the right tools.

Clear Pitch is based on the principles that I identified from years of playing professionally and from research I did as as part of my music degree.
The Clear Pitch app is an expression of this, a device to assist anyone, young or old, with this training and one that I recommend to by students and musical peers but I also believe that Clear Pitch is neuro-cognitively advantageous for anyone and will improve our mental abilities because it uses the core principles of music studies that we know develops brain and intelligence, especially in areas of maths and literacy.

The Clear Pitch application is available on iPhone and Android and soon to be on desktop computers.

For some history on its development, I constructed a prototype in the early 2000s and the first release a few years later. Since then it's been maintained by several developers, but I encountered many problems with developers on the way. For me it's important to know what's being worked on and how much it would cost me. I wasn't really getting that and they ended up being unworkable arrangements. These issues persisted until I found the company BNotro.

BNotro has helped immensely with the development and maintenance of my application. They've spent time with me, listening to the issues involved with the iPhone app, working with me to get the app to where I initially wanted it to be. I'm really happy where the app is at now, and I've further plans for the development, and I'll definitely be using BNotro for these developments as well as for some other applications I've put together. For some time I've also needed to put the app onto the Android platform and again BNotro helped me with that.

If I could offer any advice to anyone wanting to create an application, I'd say: first find as many applications as you can that have similar functional features as what you're looking to develop and similar interfaces and cosmetic features, how the app actually looks, that you want to design. Drop those links into an email and send it to BNotro. Let them have a look at it and then have a chat with them.

BNotro have the knowledge to troubleshoot issues before they occur and let you know what's possible. They'll set you on a path where you'll save time and money by setting up your plan properly from the start. The last thing you want to do is go to a coder that creates a mess at the start of your application that might be expensive to clean up.

"Clear Pitch helps you train your mind to recognise musical notes according to their pitch." – Blake Kearney

Challenges migrating from iOS to Android

By BNotro

It's been our pleasure to work with Clear Pitch author, Blake Kearney. As well as maintaining the iOS app, recent work has been to migrate the original iOS to Android.

Main Screen (Android)

Our aim in creating the Android app was a comfortable experience for anyone familiar with the iOS app. App author, Blake Kearney, was regularly consulted with all the key design decisions and revisions.

Converting a program for use on a new platform takes a lot of work. There are many aspects to cover, such as its intended purpose, available documentation, existing design quality, constraints of the hardware design and vendor, and many others.

Main Screen (iOS)

Making an Android version of the original iOS app had many challenges, due to the creative requirements of Clear Pitch and the differences between the two platforms.

The coding (programming) has several stages of conversion: 
1. Documentation
2. Strategy planning
3. Programming language translation, where suitable.
4. Core functionality where different or not available on the new platform.
5. Validation

Introduction Screen (Android)

Familiarity with the iOS version of this app came in handy. We'd been maintaining the app for about six months before starting to look at the Android version. 

Video playback was one area where we had a lot of technical difficulties to overcome. Video has fairly heavy requirements to balance on a new hardware platform. 

Settings Menu (Android)

The settings menu on Android functions like iOS but looks quite different. 

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