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Effective Date 2019-03-17


Future Technologies



BNotro Software Development will share a number of our future technologies.


1.  Tote Note – A standard way for people to share large amounts of information between mobile devices.


2.  Task Master – A standard way for people to organise information via mobile devices.


These are working names, which may change in the future.



Creative Arts is the intended field of use (e.g. live theatre, musical production, video or music recording, robotics, lighting, etc.)


The core concepts behind these have been developed over a 25-year period.


There have been a number of prototypes developed to prove various aspects of the technology.


The technology will be available via free perpetual public license.


Continued development of the technology model will be via our standard not-for-profit crowdsourcing model.



We will make more details available in the near future.

Anyone interested may message us via our website.

(Please include ‘Future Technologies’ in your text.)