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Working at home

Working away from the office (or studying at home) comes with its challenges. We have years of experience and are here to help.

Down below are some technology issues that we can help you with.

Technology Assistance

Technology can be a curse or a blessing. This is true whether you're new to working from home, or a veteran of it like ourselves. 

People first, technology second


- Do you need access to work emails from home?
- Do you need help setting it up? (We get asked to do this a lot.)


- Do you need to make or receive work calls?
- Who provides the phone equipment and service (you or employer?)
- Who pays for work calls?
- Do you need to reimburse your employer for personal calls?
- Do you need to keep your phone number private (caller ID)?


- Do you need reliable Internet access to work from home?
- Is your existing Internet fast enough?
- Does your Internet plan have a large enough data allowance?
- Will your employer offer any reimbursement for its use?

Web Apps

- Most businesses have internal employee-only websites, which may be called by a variety of names like portal, intranet, web apps or by a brand name.
- Is access to such required by your employer?
- Are you able to access these from home?
- Does this working for you?

Productivity is about planning and using the right tools


- Will you use your own computer or a work provided one?
- Is the computer sufficient to your work needs?
- Is personal use of the computer allowed by your employer?
- Do you need a second monitor to display more information?


- Is there any work-related software or apps that you need?
- Do you need to install the software yourself?
- Will you or your employer pay for the software?


- Do you need to subscribe to Microsoft Office or can you use your employer's subscription?
- Do you need to install the software yourself?

Print and Scan

- Do you need to print or scan any documents for work?
- Do you need to set up your printer?
- Do you know how to replace the ink or toner, roller and so on?

A good solution works well for you today but with a view to tomorrow



Software Development


Do you need help with technology?

For over ten years, BNotro has helped businesses, education and homes in technology matters.

Software Development





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